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Liudmila Knyazeva is an official artist of the American company VG music label.(Chicago) She is a composer, laureate of international competitions, participant of the international music festivals “Moscow Autumn”, “International Festival of Youth and Students and others. In October 2006, Liudmila Knyazeva took part in the Buchmesse in Frankfurt, where her author's works of music, literature, theater and documentary films were exhibited. One of the most famous Liudmmila's works is a mono performance "Ascent to Noah's Ark" about the blind monk Anthony, who visited the Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat. The performance is entirely based on documentary material. In the mono play "Ascent to Noah's Ark," Liudmila acted as the screenwriter. music author and lead actor. Also Liudmila Knyazeva wrote program symphony "The Ascent" (fragments this music were used to design a mono performance) and the book "Ascent" (in print and in audio book format) in Russian and English оn the same subject, . (the book link: In the field of musical creativity, Liudmila Knyazeva works in an academic modern style. Her creative portfolio contains works of different genres and forms, including: symphonic music, one opera. two ballets. chamber music, compositions for the choir, music for children and popular songs.

Liudmila Knyazeva

Автор публикации: Liudmila Knyazeva

Latest sheet music
Dolce (remix)
Classical / Chamber music
Баба Яга
Classical / Piece
Classical / Contemporary
Ночь на Ивана Купала. 2 часть
Classical / Symphonic music
В чудной стране
Classical / Song
Ночь на Ивана Купала. 1 часть
Classical / Symphonic music
Mad violin
Pop / Instrumental
Дальний лес
Classical / Song
Classical / Song
Подойду к монастырской ограде
Classical / Choral music
06 May 2022, Article
Мое интервью
Я пишу музыку в разных стилях, жанрах и формах: от симфонии до популярной песни. Это не только академическая неоклассическая и неоимпрессионистическая музыка, но и популярная инди музыка, в том числе: сочинения для программы сольных концертов в ...
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International Composers Festival 2022, UK
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07 March 2022, News
Inyernational Composers Festival 2022/ UK
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